Duo Mayr-CelisCatalán


Maria Lydia Mayr and Felipe Celis Catalan- Cello and Guitar - Austria and Chile

The Duo Mayr-CelisCatalán, dedicated to classical music is formed by cellist Maria Lydia Mayr (Austria) and guitarist Felipe Celis Catalán (Chile).

Musicfestival Suchitlán


International Musicfestival - Suchitlán florece en el arte.

Concerts. Masterclasses. Social Project.

September 2022

Artistic director: Felipe Celis Catalán



Suchitlán, Mexico

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Rise with Arts - Kunst und Bildung für alle

Nonprofit organization

ZVR: 1640026461

Chairwoman: Maria Lydia Mayr

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Rise with Arts - Kunst und Bildung für alle
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